Friday, October 14, 2011

Princess Birthday Party

If you have a daughter (or two....or three) then chances are at some stage you will be hosting a princess party.

My little princess recently had a party with just this theme. Very fitting for a princess turning 5. Last year my 9 year old  also had a princess party, so that may have been what put my then 4 year old onto the idea. 

For my 5 year old we did a couple of things that you may not have done before and they were a big hit! Each princess decorated their own crown/tiara. Simple and effective. They have just done a craft, which most 5 year old's love. They have a keep sake, who doesn't love that? They now have a beautiful hand crafted dress up to flaunt all party long. 

I spray painted pieces of plain printing paper, some gold, some silver. I cut the paper in halves, using one half folded length ways a couple of times as the back of the tiara. The other half I cut a simple crown design into. I made about 8 different designs but probably only needed 1 or 2 to keep things simple. I put a container of glue, a bunch of paint brushes, stickers and sequins on a plate for decorating. The crowns were individually measured upon arrival to fit to their heads and I used sticky tape to attach the folded back strip of paper to the Crown looking front piece. They LOVED it! 

I also did something similar for the 9yr old party, however it involved a hot glue gun and a lot more close supervision. Never again. 

The second thing my 5yr old party goers enjoyed was decorating their own cup cakes. I had made a batch of cup cakes the previous day. All icing was made, separated into little containers and coloured. A plate of assorted sprinkles and lollies was put in the middle of the table. Beware! Very keen princesses can stampede like rhinos when there is fun to be had.

I also suggest asking a friend to photograph the blessed event. Mum's very rarely have the time to make birthday wishes come true and photograph them at the same time! I am so very glad that my great friend Bec Barker Photography was able to capture all the precious moments that occurred.....THANK YOU!!!!  

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