Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 2 and eating

I was glad to find that today's challenge was 'computer desk'. It's Saturday. I did the bare minimum all day. The computer desk had two pieces of paper to put away and some dusting. Hooray! I didn't bother with before and after photos. 

I baked this amazing treat yesterday.

Lemon Bars

 From blog queen Bakerella
I was not disappointed in the result! I am disappointed in my lack of self control as I know it can not be healthy to consume the amount I have in the last 24 hours! I keep telling myself 'it will all be gone soon and then it won't tempt me any longer!' and I'm right! Haha! So, I think I will go make a cup of tea, sit down with the remnants of  one of the yummiests baked goods EVER!!! 


  1. you are Funneh!! I haven't done today's organisy thing yet, I was going to swap it with Monday's, because on Monday Julian won't be here which means I'll actually be able to GET to the computer desk!

  2. Ok, I expect miraculous photos!!

    'The Brother's Bloom' was a great movie. It was interesting from beginning to end and sweet in a quirky way. Probably not everyone's cup of tea but something I know my husband will LOVE!