Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A few of my favourite things...

Haven't posted in over a year.


Well, not exactly. The last year has been mostly taken up with a precious new addition to our family, meet Audrey Elizabeth....

Audrey likes to take long walks, long baths, long feeds, long naps....long, long, long! She has recently taken up crawling.

Our newest adventure has been our move to the country! I have wanted to move to the country since I left it. The peace and beauty has beguiled me once again. I now have the privilege of watching my children fall in love with the long driveway, trees and general slower pace of life the country affords.

Only 4 weeks and my husband will be on holidays! His uni degree as an engineer should have taken 4 years. So far it has taken 6! Bad health has made it nearly impossible for him to finish, but he is determined to see it through. I am so proud of him. I am also so happy we live in such a blessed country, where government payments have made it possible for us to thrive all these years, without either of us having to work. It is sad that some take advantage of this system and leave tax payers with much bitterness, but I hope to give social welfare a good name!


  1. And to say "this was even more boring than I thought it could be" would be a lie! I thought it was a lovely post, sweet and gentle :)

  2. Ohhhh I really love all the photos at the top, and the fantastic masterpiece of you and Audrey, you are so beautiful! What a great place you have to live, very blessed!